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this is a PS to the last post.
Claire Oxley who judged our Short Story Competition sent her thanks for the gifts we gave her.
She also gave us some information of forcoming events at the library.
In conjunction with the `Friends of the Library the following will be held there.
Macmillian Coffee morning Friday 30th Sept 10.30-12noon.
Poetry Workshop with Judy Ugonna and Gill McEvoy Saturday 1st October 11am-1pm
(Places must be booked in advance and cost £7 phone Claire -Di on 643 7219)
Also look at Poem Catchers on for other workshops etc
A talk by Elizabeth Williams entitled `Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte and Love`
will be held on Thursday 13th October 2.30pm cost £3
A talk by Anthony Peake author entitled `J.B. Priestly:The Time Plays`
will be held on Saturday 29th October at 2.30pm cost £3
( If you don't know about this author look at
Chick-lit Authors Ledley Pearse and Judy Astley will be at Bromborough Civic Centre
on Monday 10th October …
Hi Everyone,

For those of you who could not make the meeting on Friday, you missed another interesting evening. The September Competition was held and once again the entries proved to be a wonderful mixed bag of goodies. Members were asked to write a monologue subject matter open.
From Gordon's account of using `BABS` on a training sortie when in the RAF to Frank's dark thoughts of a suicidal band player, each piece had much merit. Perhaps Tom's clever re-vamp of the Three Little Pigs would have grabbed your attention. Ann's reflective piece was sad and moving. Whilst Helen's Bride's thoughts made you smile. Barbara's hapless accident prone heroine was also very funny. Liz's character was instantly recognisable we've all met some-one like the `queen` And then on to Alan's lyrical thoughts about a new-born grandchild and the passing on of knowledge and culture through the generations.
Alan's `Life's Conveyer Belt` won 1st place

Story Sale

I have a story sale to announce this week. "Call Me Murph" sold to Short-Story.Me and is now online. Check out their web-site if you get a chance, it's a good market and they take a wide variety of story types.

I read the story at Wirral Writers a couple of months back, so thanks to everyone for your comments and feedback, much of which went into the final draft. Just goes to show how valuable and powerful is the hive-mind of Wirral Writers. (If you're not a member, think about joining us. Feedback works.)

Mike Wood